Daystar / The Animation Farm - "Capt. Macaroni" Tests/Promo
Daystar Television, The Animation Farm

A project in progress at the time, for a kids show. Utilizing Daystar's Vicon system with
twelve MX40's, we did body and facial capture.

I developed a fully hybrid facial key-frame/mocap system to respond to the actor in real-time.
Animators had full control to key edits over the performance data, or replace it completely with
their own key-frame performance. It was a blast capturing face and body for a chicken.
(No, not a real chicken...)

I look forward to developing the rig further. Here are some amusing early tests and the
complete video, enjoy :) Jarod is the guinea pig we markered up, I'm droning
in the background trying to give him something to talk about. We ended up with more markers
and many other tweaks.

As usual, we wish we had more time to polish and tweak the final, but overall a great and fun
little piece. Young kids go nuts over it...

Early Test

Different Angle

Silly Walk

Full Music Video
"Ode to Macaroni"