"Night of the Headless Horseman"  - FOX TV - 1999
C.A.T. Animation, Cinematek

The first project we did with the Vicon system and FiLMBOX.
Teamed up with Locomotion Studios to capture a horse at
Medieval Times , Dallas.


Ichabod.jpg (69590 bytes)
Ichabod and Gunpowder
look lost.

kitchen2.jpg (38437 bytes)
Katrina disses Brom.

sdance.jpg (50386 bytes)
Ichabod and Katrina
cut a rug.

HorseMocap1.jpg (63675 bytes)
The Medieval arena.

HorseMocap4.jpg (42910 bytes)
Horse in Spandex.

HorseMocap3.jpg (42311 bytes)
Pretty lights and monitors.

FaceMocap3.jpg (78684 bytes)
Shane, the man of a million faces.
"... Is it midnight already?!!"

Claire1.jpg (25784 bytes)
Claire, the face of Katrina.

Mocap2.jpg (33766 bytes)
Jamie executes Kyomi.

Alien1.jpg (37017 bytes)
This photo I snapped, of a recurring
late night visitor, proved to the guys
"I'm not hallucinating!"




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