Some very nice statues and figures I've collected recently, an Eva fan I've become, got the platinum collection and the last two movies. Rei and Asuka are 1/5 scale, huge, Asuka was just released. GITS Sea of Wires was a great find as well (Motoko Aramaki from GITS2 MMI is seen in the background of one of the pictures too). Mizuho from "Please Teacher"  was irresistible, such a beautiful sculpt and paint job from Max Factory, she's molded from clear resin so the skin has a nice depth; sub-surface scattering so to speak. Kasumi is rather large too, another great sculpt and paint job for a mass production piece (PVC). I love the Cowboy Bebop collection from Yamato, I've got the Samurai Champloo collection as well (not shown). Included is a shot showing my desk where all these critters live at the moment.

I have so many robots and monsters already, lately I've been collecting pretty girls. :)  Enjoy...

The pics are large, I suggest you hit F11 to maximize your browser.

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